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A Message

Dear Initiates, Seekers, and Friends,

Welcome to the Divine Heart Center!

Since my childhood, I had an innate desire to find God and to be able to communicate God to others. This desire, by Guru’s and by God’s grace, has blossomed into the Divine Heart Center.

I met my Spiritual Guru, Shri Vijay Bansal, through a series of “coincidences” in 1997 in Agra, India. He told me that one day I will start a center in the USA. A few years later, through a strategic turn of events, I landed in the USA. I had asked him once, “But I do not know anybody there, who will I initiate?” He said, “Where there is honey, the honeybees will come naturally”. Slowly but surely, that is how it happened, is happening, and will continue to happen.

The mission of Divine H.E.A.R.T. Center is to “create happiness within one’s self and worldwide through spiritual practice”. Happiness is only possible when our heart is full of love and our mind is full of power. Therefore, Divine Heart Center transmits an unglamorous, unique and potent Reiki and Raja Yoga discipline that combines the path of devotion (“Bhakti”) and the path of will power (“Shakti”).

I request you to read our writings, experience our seminars, and explore our energized products – all of which are meant to channelize the two powers of the One Absolute into your life.

No matter where you are in life or in the world – Divine Heart Center will evolve you into the next level of awareness. God is not a refuge of the mystics, He is the matter of the materialists as well.

Happiness through
Energy Management
Aura & Area Healing
Reiki Raja Yoga
Teachings of Spirituality

Shailesh Kumar
Divine Heart Center

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