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About Us


Divine Heart Center is a mindfulness coaching organization that prepares busy people to face the challenges of life with equanimity. Our mission is to create happiness within one's world and worldwide through mindfulness. Our differentiator is our authenticity rooted in the eastern traditions of meditation and our assimilation into the western culture. This makes our coaching deeply transforming. We offer a broad spectrum of mindfulness training ranging from improving the quality of the practitioner’s life to advanced spiritual training to self-realize.

We are not just a coaching organization; we are a tradition that has been doing inner transformation work for more than 5000 years.

This multi-disciplinary mindfulness practice is individually-driven and respects all religions, lifestyles, and preferences. For many, it is the path of the “Brhamarthis” – seekers who are practical in the affairs of this world but also aspire for God as the Holy Absolute. Many advanced initiates are part of the Divine Heart Center’s circle of coaches. This circle of coaches provides a support structure to the new seekers and initiates guiding them through the practice.

Shailesh and Divine Heart Center’s meditation coaches also take on numerous assignments in distance healing, selectively to mitigate health, career, relationship or spiritual challenges faced by the seeker.

Please visit us at or call 1-877-693-HEAL (4325) to know about our upcoming seminars, meditation CDs, “vastu” (spatial energy) instruments and energy consultations.



Shailesh Kumar is a friend, philosopher and guide to many busy people around the world. His clients and initiates range from top executives to young students. Some see him as an executive coach while others have found a spiritual guru and healer in him. However, one thing they all notice is that when Shailesh steps into their lives, things start integrating towards a purpose and that purpose then improves the overall quality of life.

Shailesh is an educated and highly experienced management consultant and mindfulness guide. He has worked for Dell Technologies, EMC, Deloitte Consulting USA LLP and Oracle in successful leadership roles while honoring his spiritual lineage as a mindfulness coach to busy professionals and everyone else with a passion for inner happiness.

The seekers’ mind calms down as soon as Shailesh steps into the room. He is mindfulness and compassion.


Here is what the initiates are saying about the Divine Heart Center:-

With Reiki in my life and with the guidance of divine … I was really able to get a better understanding of self, my mind, how I interacted with the universe and how at peace I was with myself.

- Relationship manager at an IT consulting company and a mother

The 9 years journey on this path has been amazing and my environment kept getting better and better. Life kept becoming simpler and simpler. Today, I do not have any complexities.

- VP at a Financial Services company and a father of two children

I was at a crucial intersection and imbalance in my life with my family and profession when I initiated into the practice of Reiki Raja Yoga under the close guidance of Shailesh. My year long journey powered by healing and balancing energies has begun. It has shown me clarity and confidence that I look to sustain with self to be an effective person as a husband, father and colleague.

- 49 Year old father of 4 children and an Executive at the Harvard Medical Institutions

Divine Heart Center invites all sincere seekers to come, learn and experience this journey to happiness through God’s Grace and God’s Will. We are building the world’s most powerful community of healers through the world’s best integrated Reiki Raja Yoga Practice.

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