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Is Guru needed ?

100 hours spent of books = 1 hour with teacher

1000 hours spent with teacher = 1 hour with a Guru/Master

Though finding what is good for you depends on your past karma and zeal to find Divine. Hence, most get satisfied with books, some get satisfied with teacher and few get in a company of a Guru/Master.

Question: What about 1 hr spent with Divine will be measure to hours spent with Master ?

Answer:  Time is illusion with Divine, as there is no difference between Divine and you. There is no barrier of "I". hence, it cannot be quantified.

Question: is this all illusion then ?

Answer: Anything being real and illusions depends on realization of a person. hence, it differ from person to person.

There are different states a person goes through in which your level of realization is different

These states are

Jagrat: conscious mind, in this state mind is more rational and analytical.

Svapna: This is dream state, when mind is in subconscious state, still attached with emotions and habits.

Susupti: State of deep sleep of mind, where it reaches the unconscious state, in this state body functions are still working though most of the body is at rest.

Turiya: This is super-conscious state, when you are awaken from real dream. This state is also called as samadhi. Miracles can be manifested in this state. In this state your body functions are at rest.


- Gaurav 



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