The hidden Yogic meaning of “Namah (नमः)”

While the literal meaning of the Sanskrit word “Namah (नमः)” is “not me” i.e. “not my ego-self”, there is a hidden Yogic relevance to it.

“Nam (नम)” or “Namah (नमः)” is a reversal of Sanskrit word for mind, “Man (मन)” or “Manah (मनः)”. I have written earlier that the English word “man” has its root in the Sanskrit word “Man (मन)” or the mind.

Chanting “Namah (नमः)” in a mantra, e.g. in “OM Namah Shivaya”, reverses the outward flow of the mind (towards the senses), inwards (towards the purified intellect). This is the goal of Yoga.

In meditation, while interacting with the Holy Absolute – I thought that in Sanskrit since Psychology is called “Mano Vigyan (मनोविज्ञान)", Yoga should be called “Namo Vigyan (नमोविज्ञान)"!


ॐ नमो नमः

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