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2018 Thanksgiving Reiki Raja Yoga Retreat, November 22-24, Ashburn, VA

2018 Thanksgiving Reiki Raja Yoga Retreat, November 22-24, Ashburn, VA


Use code RRYFALL2018 for a 5% discount if you register by September 21st. Registration closes November 2nd, 2018.

Divine Heart Center invites you to achieve deep states of meditation and expanded consciousness at the 2018 Thanksgiving Reiki Raja Yoga Retreat. The retreat is being held in Ashburn, VA. Due to a high demand and limited space,  address and logistics will be sent out to the registered attendees.

Achieving deep states of meditation for inner peace, burning Karma and self-realization are the focus of this retreat.

The retreat will start at 10 am on Thursday, November 22nd and will continue till 4 pm on Saturday, November 24th.

The following techniques will be taught and practiced in addition to other Reiki Raja Yoga techniques:-

  • Reiki Kriya Meditation - an intense meditation technique directly revealed to Grandmaster Shailesh promotes healing of all aspects of the seeker's life as well as leads to ultimate liberation. A must know technique for the serious seeker who has worldly duties to accomplish but ultimately wants to seek liberation. We have not seen a more comprehensive meditation technique.
  • Kriya Yoga Meditation - basic and advanced Kriya Yoga techniques will be practiced to help the seekers accelerate their evolution and progress closer to self-realization.
  • Healing Chants - precise and enjoyable chants of the Divine Heart Center create a vibration in the Aura of the seeker which then helps with healing of the entire Aura.
  • Intention Manifestation - technique to invoke the energy of the Universe to manifest your worthwhile and uplifting intentions.
  • Spiritual Boost - transmission of Divine Grace and Will Power from the source into the body, mind and Aura of the attendees to support their practice even after the retreat is over.

As always, a Level 2 Reiki Raja Yoga Certification will also be conferred upon the new attendees who complete the course with dedication.

About Shailesh

Shailesh Kumar is an Indian yogi who has been teaching meditation and spiritually healing people for more than 18 years. In him one finds a modern guru who has uniquely integrated the two practices of Reiki and Raja yoga. Shailesh was initiated into the Reiki lineage of Sensei Mikao Usui and the Kriya Yoga lineage of Mahavatar Babaji by his guru, the late Shri Vijay Bansal. He channels information directly from Divine to help seekers break through and heal their physical, mental, and aura bodies. As founder of the Divine Heart Center, an organization dedicated to the philosophy and practice of holistic healing and self-realization, Shailesh has introduced thousands of seekers to Reiki Raja yoga both in India and here in America.

Shailesh is also a reputed technology leader who uniquely applies his corporate experience to his spiritual teachings. It is no wonder that many busy professionals approach Shailesh for his guidance on how to solve complex problems of work-life balance and finding fulfilment in the digitally busy world.

In his Reiki Raja-yoga seminars and workshops, Shailesh reveals highly potent techniques using best of breed healing modalities. He combines aura and chakra healing, seed sounds or Bija mantras, pranayama (breathing exercises), and mindfulness. His techniques are organized such that they can fit into any lifestyle - from a committed ascetic practitioner to an active and busy western lifestyle.
Through the self-healing techniques of Reiki Raja-yoga, Shailesh teaches how to dissolve karma and divert any difficulty that may be about to manifest on the physical plane. His healing modalities have the power to create vibrations inside the human body of a divine energy which transforms the practitioner.
Shailesh discusses thought-provoking concepts throughout his sessions, applying ancient wisdoms to our contemporary western world in an accessible and practical way. He encourages growth of the physical and spiritual self, citing the interconnectedness of both to each other, to the world, and to the universe.

Most importantly, initiates have reported life changing experiences just by being in his mere presence. Shailesh's regular practice has blessed him with an aura that can be felt from a distance and even non-believers in mindfulness and spirituality find comfort in his presence and develop faith.



Retreat Agenda

The agenda will be published soon.


Please make arrangements for your stay by yourself in Ashburn, VA. We can provide assistance as needed.

Course Registration

The course fee includes meditation and healing sessions on November 22nd, 23rd and 24th. You can register using the options provided below.

Financial Assistance

If you are a student under 21 years of age or otherwise suffering from genuine financial hardship, reach out to us to discuss how we can support you in being able to attend the retreat. We only support seekers with a genuine interest in spirituality and have a strict criteria for providing financial assistance.

Child Daycare Registration

Parents who are bringing along their young ones can register them using this option. This option is for children who will not be attending the sessions but will require day care. Shared babysitters are being arranged to take care of the children needing daycare. This option will cover the cost of hiring the babysitters for a total of about 25 hours during the retreat as follows:-
  • Thursday from 10 am till 6 pm excluding meal times
  • Friday from 8:30 am till 6 pm excluding meals times, and
  • Saturday from 8:30 am till 4 pm.

Please note that these times can change depending upon how the actual sessions progress on the day of the session. The core team ensures that the seekers are able to find time to meditate while the children are being taken care of.

Please register each child separately. Click here to register .

Come join us to take the next step in your journey towards holistic happiness.

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Registration Type
Existing Level 2 or higher initiate - Repeat Attendee $650
Existing L2 or higher initiate - First Retreat $700
Uninitiated - New attendee (includes Level 2 initiation) $900

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