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DHC Meditation & Yoga Studio - Sudbury, MA


The Divine Heart Center Meditation Studio ("Dhyan Shala")

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(The center is located on the second floor. When you enter the parking lot, use the first door on your left to enter the building. Then take the stairs to the second floor. The building currently doesn't have an elevator.)

1 (877) 693-4325

About the studio

Divine Heart Center meditation studio or the "Divya Hridaya Dhyan Shala" is an energized space created under the guidance of Grandmaster Shailesh for meditation and Yoga sadhana. The space consists of a public meditation hall which can fit more than 50 meditating Yogis and has a shrine for the Mahavatar Babaji - the Eternal Now.

There is also a private meditation area for advanced Yogis who can use their personalized access codes to access the studio to meditate and perform their practice on their own schedule. To establish a routine is essential for every initiate to further their progress towards self- healing and self-realization. A selection of rare spiritual books hand selected by the Grandmaster is being created in the private meditation room.

To encourage the Yogis, two relics belonging to the Great Guru Shri Paramhansa Yogananda have been respectfully installed in the studio.

A dining room/kitchenette is also provided for the convenience of the practitioners participating in the longer sessions. The studio also carries a unique and powerful selection of spiritual gifts including rosaries, pendants and CDs for purchase as an aid to your spiritual practice.

The entire space has been energized using Reiki and Raja Yoga techniques as well as by using Vedic Yantras to promote healing as soon as one enters the space. The energy of the space is felt instantly upon entering. This space is being converted into a "Shakti Peeth" – a seat of spiritual power.

To know more about the Reiki Raja Yoga class schedules and other meditation classes please email

Come join us! Our events throughout the North East USA and Canada can be found on our website

Studio Rentals

The studio is also available for rent to the spiritually minded Yoga community. Yoga teachers and other teachers of Vedic thought can contact for details. Reiki, Tai Chi and other Meditation Instructors are also welcome to rent the studio. The studio also welcomes Bhajan/Kirtan singers.

Guest Teachers/Proposals

If you would like to conduct an event at the studio please contact us with your proposal at


The Word. The Love. The Absolute.

For additional class schedules, private instruction or for renting the studio please email You can also call 1 (877) 693-4325. Yoga instructors looking for a space to teach can also contact us.


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