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2014 Himalayas - the Shivling of Light

One never knows when a miracle will happen. In the ancient tem...

Kishan Kanahiya

Kishan Kanahiya,Han meri maiya,Khaya kya makhan?Nahin re maiya...

Videos from the Reiki distance healing experiment

2014 Fall Meditation Retreat Registration is now open!

Dear initiates and seekers, Divine Heart Center is pleased to ...

"Maya" and Newton's Law of Motion

The ancient Vedic scriptures declare that the physical world o...

Can meditation reduce aging?

Here is a research that gives us some clues:-

Yogananda on devotion

Unconditioned devotion to the guru enables him to pour peacefu...

The Cycle

Look closely and you'll observe,

Prayer to Divine Father

Wish for Father's Day ... From darkness to Light,

Star Stuff

We are made of star dust, And can realize our true Self By goi...


Don't search for a miracle,
Tis' all around!
Every momen...

New DHC Website coming soon!

We are planning to launch a our new DHC website soon. To prepa...