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Only being is believing

I have heard the Aum, seen the Vishnu and I have the seen the ...

Aum Prem Brham meditative chant now on iTunes

Aum Prem Brham

11-11-11 Meditation

November 11 is being called World Peace Day, global meditation...

Aum Prem Brham - Chant for Karmic Healing now available for digital download!

Aum Shri Ganeshaya Namah (Aum and salutations to Shri Ganesha) Salutations to the Gurus and God   Dear Initiates, Seekers and Friends,  By the Gra...

The Mahavatar Baba Ji

In Jagadamba's womb of relativity,

Happy Diwali 2011!

Divine Heart Center wishes you a very Happy Diwali!


कमल की पंखुड़ी की तरह खिल जा देख सूरज की रौशनी को फरक न पड़ता ...

When you Meditate

Travel beyond the Sound of Creation (AUM)

Achieve the speed of inner light

Through intensity and steadfastness in practice, a fusion of t...

Zero, Infinity & Divine

In mathematical terms how could you define Divine state.

तुझे बहुत है चलना

अभी काम बहुत है तुझे नहीं है थकना, उठा कदम और आगे बढ तुझे ब...

Divine Guru

Thou are my Friend, Thou are my Guide.