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Happy Diwali 2011!

Divine Heart Center wishes you a very Happy Diwali!


कमल की पंखुड़ी की तरह खिल जा देख सूरज की रौशनी को फरक न पड़ता ...

When you Meditate

Travel beyond the Sound of Creation (AUM)

Achieve the speed of inner light

Through intensity and steadfastness in practice, a fusion of t...

Zero, Infinity & Divine

In mathematical terms how could you define Divine state.

तुझे बहुत है चलना

अभी काम बहुत है तुझे नहीं है थकना, उठा कदम और आगे बढ तुझे ब...

Divine Guru

Thou are my Friend, Thou are my Guide.


he ship that sails unperturbed,

Director, Actor & Audience

The stream of life runs,

Happy Janmashtami 2011.

Divine Heart Center wishes you a very Happy Janmashtami.

Meditation and action

Meditation and action are not two opposites. They are necessar...

Spiritual Medication

My wife yesterday asked me to get her a new pair of glasses...