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Happy Guru Poornima 2011

Divine Heart Center wishes you a very Happy Guru Poornima.

Self Healing and Self Realization

Reiki brings about the self healing required for self realizat...

भगवान तुम्हारे हाथो में

सौप दिया इस जीवन को भगवान तुम्हारे हाथो में
न हार जीत का ड...

Divine Heart Center Presents " The Ramayana Oracle" iphone app

Find answers through faith.

दर्शन दे दो भगवान्

दर्शन  दे  दो  भगवान्
दर्शन  का  प्यासा  भगत  खड़ा  तेरे  ...

Bend it like the Yogi

The Yogi despite being beaten up by world, always asks the Div...

The importance of right eating

The world we live in is mostly a creation of our thoughts

Duality & Singularity

The mind struggles between the dualities.

Manifesting Abundance

To manifest abundance one must understand that God doesn't hav...

Happy Easter 2011!

Divine Heart Center wishes you a Happy Easter.

तुमने ही जिन्दगी सवार दी

कोई कहे अल्ला कोई कहे कृष्ण कोई कहे जीसस कोई कहे राम ढूँढो इसक...

Inner perception

When thou turn the eye inward