Dear Initiates, Seekers and Friends, 

A very Happy Thanksgiving to you and your near and dear ones! 

Today, as I was asking Divine about what message to convey this Thanksgiving, I was led to ponder on the recent conversations I have had with my family and my friends. The recurring theme of all such conversations has been the constant thinking, judging, evaluating and fantasizing we keep doing through our minds every moment of our life. 

The mind of an average adult has become heavily saturated with information. Even when one wants to sit in silence for a few minutes, one can’t stop it from processing information; thoughts keep on coming out of nowhere and the mental commentary never seems to stop. If you observe your mind every few years you will realize that unless you have consciously made an effort to evolve it, it follows a cyclical pattern of thinking - one where the topic changes but the thought remains the same. 

This Thanksgiving let your mind rest. The only way to do this is by using your heart a little more. You see “thanks” cannot be “given” from the mind. It is the heart that should feel the “thanks” which is then expressed in words. This Thanksgiving “thank” from the heart, understand that life is meant to be lived and enjoyed and not cast away in endless judgment, rationalization, guilt, and comparison. 

Due to Guru’s Grace and my practice of meditation, I have been blessed with a state where there are very few thoughts in my mind, and when I relax a little there are no thoughts. Even so, with fewer thoughts, I am able to spearhead life’s various projects with much lesser effort. One day, while driving in my car, I suddenly realized that all my thoughts had vanished, my mind was blank with peace, and while my attention was aware of the driving and the directions, it was also softly balanced on nothingness. This state continues to appear in many of my daily activities and is a state that one cannot buy with money or attain even after learning all there is to know. Only a Yogi can attain this state. 

Initiates who practice the techniques will realize this state of soft condition-less blank peace. This peace heals the scars of our daily experiences without the use of drugs, abuse of alcohol and other diversions. When the mind stops chattering, it stops judging and comparing, and instead uses its energy for evolving and expanding. “Moksha” or liberation starts with first breaking the repetitive cyclical thinking of the mind. 

Therefore, turn this Thanksgiving into a vacation for the mind and let you heart feel the “Thanks”. 

 Let Go.