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RUDRAKSHA the auspicious and powerful bead, from ancient times, has the virtue to change your life. Since time immemorial, ornaments made of Rudraksha beads have been worn by sages and saints to attain self-empowerment and live a fearless life on the path to Enlightenment and Liberation.

Other Types Of Beads

  • Ganesh Rudraksha
  • One Mukhi Rider
  • Faceless Rudraksha
  • Power Combinations

About The Guru

Grandmaster Shailesh is a modern day spiritual healer Guru who has dedicated his life to helping others find holistic happiness and self-realization through meditation and spiritual remedies. He is selective in teaching deserving seekers and frequently consults busy professionals as well as sincere people from all walks of life.

Shailesh is a Reiki Raja Yoga expert (siddha) blessed by a powerful spiritual lineage and is equipped with top-notch consulting experience. His initiates often talk about their miraculous experiences. Shailesh is supported by a global team of experts dedicated to the cause of self-actualization.

How to take care of Rudraksha

Take care of Rudraksha

Rudraksha is a Natural Bead and requires proper care & maintenance. It can get damaged / broken subjected to natural wear & tear. Here are a few suggestions from our end so that your Rudraksha Beads lasts for a long time and continue to give you its Blessings:

  • The Rudraksha Beads / Mala / Bracelet received by you are Energized before being sent to you, and therefore you do not have to perform any kind of ritual from your end
  • You may keep the Rudraksha beads at any pious place after you have received them from us and then start wearing them from any Monday morning after taking bath

What is Rudraksha

RUD RAKSHA - the auspicious and powerful bead, from ancient times, has the virtue to change your life. Rudraksha has fascinated people across the world due to its mystical properties. Primarily, it is a symbol of spirituality, good omen and is believed to have healing properties. It symbolizes Lord Shiva. In Sanskrit, Rudra means Lord Shiva, and Aksha means eyes. Lord Shiva, one of the Trinities of the Hindu religion, Himself is the first ardent user of Rudraksha. Shiva's images and idols are shown wearing these beads around His neck.


Moon rudraksha bracelet was beautifully packed I am amazed by the quality of beads and the customer care. Thank you very much !

Vijay Deshmukh