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30 Minutes Beginner's Meditation (Online, Free)

30 Minutes Beginner's Meditation (Online, Free)

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The current Covid crisis has left many crippled, physically and mentally. Humanity needs healing. While the uncertainty may make us feel helpless, we can indeed take this time to uplift ourselves mentally and spiritually. 

While we can not go out, we can go within. Go within to experience the essence of our being. Go within to attend to our emotional wounds. Go within to increase our awareness. Go within to cultivate balance, love, and peace. 

Benefits of meditation are much more than just our personal gain. By enhancing our self-awareness and capacity for love, we are raising the frequency of this planet. Let us do our part in Earth’s healing by healing ourselves.

We invite you to meditate with Divine Heart Center to nurture inner peace, improve your mental health, and boost your immunity in this changing world.

Upon registration, a meeting link and password will be sent to you via email. Before registration please check your system compatibility by clicking here.