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Meditation Music to help you with your practice. These meditations originate from the yogis of the Himalayas and have been updated to suit the modern seeker.
Aum Prem Brham - Chant for Karmic Healing CD

Aum Prem Brham - Chant for Karmic Healing CD

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“It is simple. The chant of Aum burns hard Karma by the power of Divine Will (path of Shakti). The chant of Prem (Divine Love) soothes our being and dissolves the residual Karma by Divine Grace (path of Bhakti). Brham is the Holy Absolute.
When this chant is heard, Karmic healing happens. I hope that this balancing chant lightens your Karmic burden and brings the light of happiness in your lives.”

Play this chant whenever you feel burdened or unbalanced. Play it in the background whenever you like.

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