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Beginner's Meditation with Distance Healing (Online, Free)

Beginner's Meditation with Distance Healing (Online, Free)

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Where: Online 

This meditation class is an excellent way to learn introductory yet powerful meditation techniques to destress, increase self-awareness, sharpen focus, and generate love, peace, and harmony from within.

All attendees will receive distance healing during the session to improve their practice.

The techniques taught may vary in every class. Some of the meditations taught, but are not limited to, include:

  • Introduction to the chakras in the aura/energy body
  • Techniques to generate Kundalini (divine energy or consciousness) in the body
  • The Pink Lotus meditation to develop love and balance
  • Swayagya or "The Personal Fire Rite" meditation to increase will power
  • So Hum meditation to unravel the true self and generate self-realization

We welcome you to escape the hustle-bustle and pause to experience the cosmic energies of the world within and rediscover yourself with Divine Heart Center. 


    Location: OnlineVideo Broadcast.  


    This event is also available via a video broadcast. Upon registration a meeting link and password will be sent to you via email. Before registration please check your system compatibility by clicking here.