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Blessings on the go.

Blessings On The Go!

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Get quick blessings from the Guru of the Divine Heart Center for your worthwhile endeavor. This service sends your name to our Guru and our network of Reiki Raja Yoga Healers who send you good vibes to help you in your efforts.

Are you a person of faith? Going through a tough period in life? Looking for a job? Going for a job interview? Fighting a sickness? Having nightmares? Need someone to send you good wishes? Need help with misbehaving  kids? Having relationship issues? Preparing for an exam? Buying real estate? Want to get the new house blessed? Good through financial challenges? Trying to get out of addiction? This is the service for you.

This service is also for you if you are just feeling charitable and want to contribute to the upliftment of the social consciousness towards meditation.

The seeker receives distance blessings from Guru Shailesh and his team of master healers. This is a great service to use whenever you need just a little uplift in life. You can use it anytime - daily, weekly, monthly or just one time. This service was created after receiving suggestions from seekers from all walks of life discreetly looking for help quickly and who have faith in the power of prayer and distance healing.

Once the seeker purchases this service, Guru Shailesh is automatically informed about your name and he sends (via meditation) a quick “all the best” blessing to help you out. You don’t need to follow up or email us separately. We have created this service to help sincere seekers who have the faith and sincerity. This blessing is helpful for seekers who want to be in continuous grace of the Guru. 

Seekers have reported that when they get blessings from Shailesh their burden lightens up and they feel confidence that helps them in their situation. Guru Shailesh is a realized Yogi  known for his healing miracles that naturally manifest in his presence. He deeply cares for anyone who reaches out for help and shows faith in the power of meditation and prayer. 

Divine Heart Center connects spiritual healing and technology and we have been doing so for many years. Now there is no excuse for you to not be blessed by the Guru no matter where you are!