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Daily Meditation (Online, Free)

Daily Meditation (Online, Free)

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Weekdays 6:30 AM ET

This meditation session introduces simple yet powerful meditation techniques to destress, improve health, increase self-awareness, sharpen focus, and generate love, peace, and harmony from within.

The techniques taught may vary in every class. Some of the meditations taught, but are not limited to, include:

  • Introduction to the chakras in the aura/energy body
  • Four-Faced Pranayam to find balance
  • So Hum meditation to unravel the true self and generate self-realization
  • Techniques to generate Kundalini (divine energy or consciousness) in the body

We welcome you to energize and rediscover yourself with Divine Heart Center and nurture holistic happiness. Start your day by attending the morning meditation before starting your daily schedules. 

The hosts of this session are:

Grandmaster Shailesh Kumar, who is the founder and guru of Divine Heart Center. He is a modern-day healer and yogi and has made it his life's mission to teach others how to generate happiness within one's world and worldwide, through self-healing and self-realization.

Gaurav Chikara is a Reiki Raja Yoga Guru. He was first initiated by Shri Vijay Bansal in 1999. Later, Guru Shailesh Kumar initiated him to higher levels. Gaurav is dedicated to spreading awareness about meditation and Divine Heart Center. He runs the DHC Ashburn Center in Virginia.