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Distance Healing - 30 days (Recurring Subscription)

Distance Healing - 30 days (Recurring Subscription)

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Grandmaster's level 2 potency distance healing sent directly from Grandmaster Shailesh for 30 days from the date of confirmation to improve your specific situation. Please mention your specific situation in brief in the text fields above. You can provide details in the comments section while checking out. Please mention dates of birth and accurate names of all individuals and companies involved in the situation such as healee's name, doctor's name, recruiter's name, hiring manager's name etc. While nothing is mandatory, specific details improve the efficiency of healing. Keep the request specific to ONE situation or issue ONLY.

Depending upon the severity of your situation, you may see one or two improvements in this time frame or you may may see a complete healing of your situation. If the situation is very complicated, and your Karmic condition has many energy blocks, then you may see limited results. Our job is to send you healing and request God to help you using our spiritual knowledge and powers. Results are ultimately based on God's Will and God's Grace.

If you feel that the distance healing is working in your condition (Reiki always works), then you can continue for the next month. This is a good way for you to test the waters first. We are confident you will experience the power of Reiki firsthand by God's Will and God's Grace.Of course, if the situation you need healing for occurs after 30 days, then you can choose multiple quantities of healing.

We suggest you try distance healing for 3 to 6 months. Make sure that you give enough time for healing to happen. If you are short on time and need accelerated healing or if there is an emergency situation, please contact us using the "contact us" page or call us.

Note that this is the Grandmaster's level 2 potency healing. There are 7 potency levels - the higher the potency number the more powerful and quicker the healing is. If you need higher potency healing, then please contact us using the "contact us" page. If you have questions regarding what potency level healing should you ask for please contact us.

Please understand that this is not medical or legal or any other sort of diagnosis or advice. While we believe that Reiki or "Para Shakti" is the most powerful healer, always exercise common sense, continue your medical treatment under a qualified doctor, continue your other consultations with your lawyer, school teacher etc. as per your situation. If your financial situation sincerely doesn't allow you to pay for healing, please request for free healing from the "contact us" page. Be sincere and you shall be healed, whole and complete.