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Divine Heart Center Healing Pendant (Talisman)
Divine Heart Center Healing Pendant (Talisman)

Divine Heart Center Healing Pendant (Talisman)

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Divine Heart Center Healing and Protection Pendant is made of a natural crystal personally charged by the masters of the Divine Heart Center with the energies of healing and protection. This is a novel way of making the energies reach the seekers everywhere. This can also be called a talisman. The pendant is sized and crafted such that wearing it doesn't make one feel awkward. The color of the thread may be different in the pendant that ships to you. You will attract the color that you need the most. The pendant creates an energy of protection around the deserving and ethical wearer and also heals the wearer's body and mind. These pendants are also beneficial for small kids who are too young to practice the Reiki and Raja Yoga techniques (of course, exercise common sense while putting the pendant on a kid). 

The pendant is charged with energies equivalent to a Level 2 Reiki and Raja Yoga potency - so it is a powerful pendant intended to help with:-
-Protection from negative energy, cell phone radiation, anger, depression
-Building immunity in the body -Common diseases like acne, healing of body after surgery or injury, migranes -Developing confidence, focus on studies etc.
-Protection from elementals in the aura -Diseases like diabetes, chronic backaches, etc. 

Supercharged pendant is charged with energies equivalent to a Level 3 Reiki and Raja Yoga potency - so it is a powerful pendant intended to help with:-
- Protection from spirits, ghosts and tantrik effects -Help with careers and relationships
- Improvement in business -Cases of severe diseases like autism, cancer, tumors etc.
- Other areas where spiritual support is required

The pendant retains its charge for about 6 months  to a year after which it can be worn for general positivity and peace of mind. Alternatively, it can be recharged using the pendant recharge service.

Method for use (read carefully):  The crystal of the pendant is delicate. Take care of your pendant. Don't wear it while sleeping and avoid getting it wet. Best to use it during meditation or during difficult situations like a tough meeting, job interview, or when not feeling well etc. The pendant will work even when kept within two feet distance of your physical body as long as it is within your aura body. Wear and treat the pendant with respect. 
Along with wearing the pendant, the wearer needs to say the following chant atleast 108 times daily: "AUM-PREM".  
Divine wants the wearer to atleast do this simple practice as a token of his/her faith and commitment, so healing can flow through. You can use a mala of 108 beads (available on this site as well) to do the chants if you like. But this requirement is important and the chants have to be done daily. If you are already an initiate, then do the advanced daily practices taught to you.
Follow the instructions and experience the results - allow sufficient time. We have seen His Grace flow through in all our healing assignments. It is the leap of faith that you need to make - rest will fall in place.

All The Best.