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Vastu healing is the healing of the space where one lives. Powerful instruments to improve the energy field of your home, office, shop, other premises. These are carefully selected by the Divine Heart Center and programmed to give you the maximum benefit by Divine and Guru's grace.

iProtection Infinity Vastu Yantra

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This Yantra uses ancient principles of ancient symbols, talismans, Vaastu and modern science of energy management. This Protection Yantra enhances the flow of positive energies in the premises. Protects occupants from negative energies and their influences. Protects the user from negative vibrations from any person. Place this Yantra above the door of the room where the negative energies are being felt.

This potent yet beautiful Yantra is printed on high quality photo paper and is ready to be framed in an 8" X 10" frame. As such, it will improve the aesthetics of your premises as a piece of spiritual art. All Yantras are blessed by realized spiritual masters. Frame not included at this time.

These Yantras don't necessarily need to be framed. They can be kept inside a drawer or a closet shelf and they will work effectively.

Designed by the Spiritual Master Clairvoyant, Sachin Bansal, from the India center, the Yantras or energy instruments create a powerful interactive energy field which eliminates specific energy blocks in the Aura of the seeker and of the surrounding area. Yantras are highly beneficial for specific problems in the seeker’s life and also for those initiates who are not able to find sufficient time or conditions to do their daily practice.

Please do not copy or use the Yantras in any way not permitted by the Divine Heart Center or Infinity Yantras. Doing so will result in adverse Karmic reactions. Be so warned.