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  • Learn Reiki Raja Yoga Meditation

    Learn to self heal & self realize using meditation and Reiki. Be a certified healer.

  • Personal Consultation

    Spiritual consultation with Shailesh, healing support for issues. Ask a question.

  • Corporate Mindfulness Program

    A program rooted in the eastern meditation traditions coupled with latest research.

  • Spiritual Retreats and Tours

    Come along to deepen your meditation, be spiritually healed and gain new perspectives.

  • Healing the Community

    If you are genuinely in need of healing and can't attend our events even after your best efforts, please message us for free distance healing. If you are a non-profit organization working on a social cause, we would be more than happy to discuss a free meditation or spiritual healing event for your members.

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Heart to Heart

Virtual Satsang - how do you protect your positive energies from draining out?

Reiki Raja Yoga Grandmaster Shailesh explains the difference between compassion and pity. How do prevent your positive energies from leaking and others' negative energy from affecting you. How do you do that if you are sitting in a train full of people? Reiki Raja Yoga techniques help create a protection shield around you to prevent your positive energies from draining out. What is the difference between compassion and pity? 

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