The seed of all disease is Spiritual ignorance. Transgressing the Spiritual Laws - knowingly or unknowingly - creates malefic effects as follows:- - taints our ego - creates mental blocksContinue Reading
Meditation is a way to connect us with our inner Higher Self and   with the Source of all Creation. Metaphorically, it is the same as . connecting a cell phone (our Being) to a charger (the Source).  If not connected to the charger, the cell phone will eventually drain down. Most of us spend a lot ofContinue Reading
Reiki is the power of the Divine’s Unconditional Love.Reiki is being widely    used as an alternative therapy to prevent and cure ailments right from common headaches to chronic pains. Reiki is a balancing power andContinue Reading
Dear Initiates, Seekers, and Friends:
Wish you a happy, peaceful and wonderful New Year!
New Year's are always a exciting times. The overall energy is that of leaving the past behind and starting anew.Continue Reading

Love is the most sought after commodity in our world today. It may not seem so at the

 surface but if you look deeply at the nature of our wants, you will find that all our wants stem from our need be loved and to give love. We want high-flying careers, we want hi-tech cars, we want to host grand parties etc.

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Being a Guru is not easy. But then nothing is easy in this Maya induced Universe. To be

 a Guru, a high degree of surrender to the Divine is an absolute must. If the Guru is not surrendered to the Divine,

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Spirituality, to begin with, is the discovery of our complete personality i.e. Soul, mind, and body. To make progress in this discovery, three things are essential:- 

1) Elimination of ego. 

2) Balanced living that focuses on Soul first, then mind and body.

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