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Founder and Guru

Shailesh Kumar, The Founder and Guru of DHC

Shailesh Kumar is the founder and Guru of Divine Heart Center. He has been a spiritual teacher and healer for more than 20 years and a devoted meditation practioner for more than 27 years.  Shailesh was initiated into the Reiki lineage of Sensei Mikao Usui and the Kriya Yoga lineage of Mahavatar Babaji by his guru, the late Shri Vijay Bansal. He channels wisdom directly from the higher powers to help seekers break through and heal their physical, mental, and aura bodies.


Shailesh supports and encourages all of his initiates in their spiritual and material growth. He is there to provide healing in times of need and direction to his disciples when difficulties arise.  Shailesh has introduced thousands of seekers to Reiki Raja yoga in India, US, and England. He has transformed countless lives.


Shailesh Kumar is the author of the book "Reiki Raja Yoga: Philosophy and Practice of Holistic Healing and Self-Realization". He is the creator of "Be Happy Be Healed" meditations and has developed a variety of meditation aids and music.


Shailesh is also a reputed technology leader who attended MIT, Northeastern University, and BITS Pilani. He uniquely applies his understanding of the corporate world to his spiritual teachings. It is no wonder that many busy professionals approach Shailesh for his guidance on how to solve complex problems of work-life balance and finding fulfillment in this digitally busy world.


Shailesh, considered to be a modern day healer and yogi, has made it his life's mission to teach others how to generate happiness within one's world and worldwide, through self-healing and self realization.