Reiki Raja Yoga

Reiki Raja Yoga is a union of two ancient practices, one of a healing system, the other a meditative system. This combination generates love in our hearts and instills positive will power in our minds. The goal of Reiki Raja Yoga techniques is to remove energy blocks and balance our chakras and to focus, tame, and purify our mind, body, and soul.

Reiki is the power of Divine grace or unconditional love. Reiki works to eliminate our personal energy blocks, which in turn elevates our mind, bringing it to the soul level. Life force energy flows through our subtle bodies along pathways and chakras. When energy flows freely, we experience health and well-being. Conversely, when energy flow is disrupted or restricted, we are more vulnerable to illness and difficult situations in life.

Our hands are directly connected to our heart chakra which allows love/reiki energies to flow through them. Reiki utilizes this bridge and consists of positioning our hands to transmit love/healing energies to chakras (energy centers correlated to different aspects of our lives) in our aura body. This circulation of the power of grace throughout the body heals negative energy accumulations.

Raja Yoga is the power of Divine Will and is often referred to as the royal path of meditation. Similar to a king who exercises control over his kingdom, you are expected to control the kingdom of your mind. Raja Yoga helps you train your mind so that you are able to direct its powers where they are needed the most.

Reiki and Raja Yoga work together synergistically. Reiki dissolves karma like water and Raja Yoga burns karma like fire. Reiki brings happiness and abundance in your life and Raja Yoga leads you towards self realization. The combination of the two is the most potent in this universe for spiritual and material progress. A person becomes unconditional in their love and limitless in their willpower.

Once you commit to the practice of Reiki Raja Yoga, everything else begins to fall into place and the universe begins to align with you. It brings happiness and inner fulfillment. Its transformative power truly enhances your life and positively influences the lives of those around you.

You do not have to believe in any particular faith or God to harness the power of Reiki Raja Yoga. It is more about your connection with a higher power or the Absolute, as it makes sense to you. No matter where you are in life, Reiki Raja Yoga will evolve you to the next level of awareness.

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