Meditation 101

Meditation is the science of revealing your true self. Meditation leads to Yoga which means union with God or union with your higher self. Meditation is the highest activity one can do. Reaching deeper states of meditation(samadhi) may take years of practice and dedication but meditating even a little bit daily, transforms all aspects of meditator’s life. One can reap the benefits of meditation regardless of their religious worldviews.

Sitting Postures

The ideal asana (posture) for meditation is seated down, with your spine erect. You can sit on a cushion on the floor or on a chair.

Your posture can help you concentrate or be a distraction. Therefore, it is very important to find a position that works for you. In the beginning, it can be hard to sit with the spine straight. When physical discomfort becomes a distraction, it is okay to take back support, to wiggle legs a little, or even stand up and stretch. Do what your body needs to bring the mind back to the meditation.

For advanced yogis, Lotus or Half Lotus asana is recommended for meditation.


Creating a favorable meditation environment can help establish your meditation routine. Finding a serene place with minimal external distractions or clutter will aid your concentration. You can even allocate a meditation corner for yourself in your living room, study room or bedroom dedicated to your practice. For a change of scene, meditation within nature can widen your acceptance of positive energy. Over time with practice, you will find that you can meditate anywhere at any time.


Bringing your focus to your breathing is one of the essential steps in meditation. Inhale deeply for eight counts, hold the breath for eight counts, and then exhale to the same count. Feel the air going into your nostrils, into your lungs, expanding your diaphragm. Prana or life force energy travels in us through breathing. Feel the life force energies being inhaled and absorbed into your mind, body, and aura, filling you up with love, peace, and grace. Feel the tension, stress, anxiety, and all negativities releasing as you exhale your breath. Repeat this throughout the meditation. Add additional steps in your meditation as you progress in your practice.


It is a common misconception that a successful meditation consists of having no thoughts. While the number of thoughts do reduce as you progress with your practice, it is completely normal to have many thoughts as a beginner meditator.

The goal is to observe these thoughts as a third person, watching each thought pass by. During your meditation, practice non-attachment with thoughts and emotions while cultivating the attitude that all of these distractions are a temporary fleet. When you feel yourself ruminating on a thought, gently bring your focus back to the meditation.

Meditation at Divine Heart Center

Divine Heart Center is on a mission to create happiness within one’s world and worldwide through meditation.

We teach Reiki Raja Yoga meditation to accelerate the journey of self-discovery, increase self-awareness, and cultivate inner peace. A Reiki Raja Yogi will find this spiritual evolution towards self-realization to be a life filled with abundance of health, wealth, wisdom, love, peace, and joy.

Guided Meditations

“Group Meditation is a castle that protects the new spiritual aspirants as well as the veteran spiritual meditators. Meditating together increases the degree of self-realization of each member of the group by the law of invisible vibratory exchange of group magnetism” - Paramhansa Yogananda

Beginner Meditation Sessions

We host weekly meditation sessions that are held in our Boston, MA and Ashburn, VA centers. All of the meditations can also be attended remotely, diminishing geography as a barrier for those interested. The sessions span throughout the week on different days and times.

To view the meditation session schedule and learn more about our online basic meditation sessions, click here

Meditation Retreats

We host two 3 day meditation retreats every year. During the retreats, the attendees are given initiation into the path of Reiki Raja Yoga and are revealed life-altering meditations and intention manifestation techniques that can be applied to better one’s physical and mental health, material progress, and spiritual growth. To register for the next retreat, click here

Guided Meditation Music

There is also a guided meditation album, Be happy Be Healed, which can be bought here

Be Happy Be Healed guided meditation album includes:

  • Pink Lotus Meditation: opens up the heart center and generates divine love and balance.
  • “Swayagya”, The Personal Fire Rite: accelerates the meditator’s will power and burns negativity from the aura
  • So Hum meditation: pranayama or breathing meditation which generates self-realization. In Sanskrit, “So” mean “like that” and “Hum” means “I am”. This powerful meditation creates the awareness of “I am that” and unravels the true self.

These techniques can blend with the busiest lifestyle and there is no mandate on lifestyle changes or the amount of time to be devoted daily to the techniques. We emphasize regularity in practice and other positive changes follow in due time.

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