Divine Heart Center teaches integrated Reiki Raja Yoga for modern times - an evolutionary spiritual discipline to bring about holistic happiness in the life of the initiate.

Holistic happiness, practically, begins by eliminating our personal energy blocks. The best way to do this is through a practice that can connect you to the inexhaustible Spiritual field from where you can draw Grace and Will Power to eliminate these blocks. The techniques imparted by the Divine Heart Center do this through:

Principles of Personal Energy Management

  • Reiki techniques which dissolve our Karmic blocks using the Power of Divine Grace
  • Raja Yoga techniques which burn our Karmic blocks using the Power of Divine Will

This unique integration (“Yoga”) of the Power of Divine Grace (“Bhakti”) and the Power of Divine Will ("Shakti"), empowered by the blessings of the realized masters and activated by Divine grace, accelerates the initiate’s spiritual evolution. These are one of the most powerful spiritual and mental techniques available to humankind.

Reiki Raja Yoga Level 1 Session includes :

  • Initiation to a high spiritual plane
  • Reiki touch healing techniques to balance health, wealth, wisdom, love, joy and relationships – Holistic Happiness
  • Daily Meditation techniques to cleanse oneself and to expand one’s awareness
  • Techniques to cleanse the energy fields of home, office, businesses etc.
  • Protection technique to shield the initiate from negative energy
  • Techniques to heal our desires and situations
  • Techniques to heal our desires and situations

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Reiki Raja Yoga Level 2 Session includes:

Initiation to a higher spiritual plane

  • Advanced Reiki techniques
  • Advanced Divine “life-force” Pranayama (Kriya)

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Reiki Raja Yoga Level 2 Session includes:

  • Advanced techniques

The Divine Heart Center's Corporate Mindfulness Program includes meditation techniques to reduce stress and improve focus through:

  • Guided meditation
  • Principles of personal energy management
  • Principles of "reaction versus response"
  • The power of collective intention
  • Techniques to collectively create a positive future
  • Education on how your emotions can affect your health
  • Breathing exercises
  • Gentle Yoga postures that can be done in an office setting

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Divine Heart Center Basic Meditation Sessions

These sessions is for those who want to “test the waters first” or who want to start their journey to Holistic Happiness right away. These sessions can be imparted through the phone or in a short meeting and, therefore, is useful for busy seekers. The following meditations are taught:

The Pink Lotus Meditation – a powerful balancing meditation

“So Hum” Breathing Technique – a strong cleansing technique

“Swayagya” or Personal Fire Rite – energizing technique


Email us you would like to attend a basic meditation session in your area.

These techniques can blend with the busiest lifestyle and there is no mandate on lifestyle changes or the amount of time to be devoted daily to the techniques. We emphasize regularity in practice and other positive changes follow in due time.

Healing Sessions, both through distance and in –person, are available for specific issues or for general well being. Please use the contact us page or visit the energy cart to register for the next seminar!

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