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Meditation Music to help you with your practice. These meditations originate from the yogis of the Himalayas and have been updated to suit the modern seeker.
Be Happy Be Healed - Pink Lotus Meditation - Digital Download

Be Happy Be Healed - Pink Lotus Meditation - Digital Download

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Be Happy Be Healed - Pink Lotus is a guided meditation track catered toward beginner meditators. The meditation opens up the heart center and generates divine love and balance. The track is empowered by the voice of Shailesh Kumar, founder and Guru of Divine Heart Center. The meditation is charged with powers to promote happiness and healing. The seeker receives healing transmissions throughout these meditations from Divine Heart Center.

The other meditations for beginners:
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  • So Hum meditation - is a pranayama or breathing meditation which generates self-realization. In Sanskrit, “So” mean “like that” and “Hum” means “I am”. This powerful meditation creates the awareness of “I am that” and unravels the true self.
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    Track Listing:

    The Pink Lotus Meditation (generates love)                              8:06 minutes