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Evening Enlightenment Meditation - Thursday (Online, Free)

Evening Enlightenment Meditation - Thursday (Online, Free)

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Thursday 9:30 PM ET

This meditation session introduces simple yet powerful meditation techniques to destress, improve health, increase self-awareness, sharpen focus, and generate love, peace, and harmony from within.

The techniques taught may vary in every class. Some of the meditations taught, but are not limited to, include:

  • Introduction to the chakras in the aura/energy body
  • Techniques to generate Kundalini (divine energy or consciousness) in the body
  • The Pink Lotus meditation to develop love and balance
  • Swayagya or "The Personal Fire Rite" meditation to increase will power
  • So Hum meditation to unravel the true self and generate self-realization

We welcome you to energize and rediscover yourself with Divine Heart Center and nurture holistic happiness. After your daily schedules, pause and enjoy the evening meditation to enlighten yourself.