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Spiritual guidance, mindfulness and meditation programs for busy executives and corporations to improve productivity and wellness.
Leadership Training

Leadership Training

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The Divine Heart Center leadership training takes a mindful view on leadership. We mentor and coach leaders to perform their best under stressful situations using mindfulness techniques. This multi-format training can be delivered in person or on-line in either a one on one or a focus group format. In many cases, leaders prefer ad-hoc sessions available on demand when they are faced with a situation that needs advanced mindfulness techniques for resolution.

The highlights of this customizable training are:

Effective decision making through mindfulness, handling workplace issues of stress, decision fatigue and emotional intelligence

Make teams realize the interconnectedness of minds and how behaviors affect teams.

Development of the ability to regulate attention amidst competing high priority demands

Use of positive willpower and visualization - collective or individual - to bring about best outcomes (out-of-the-box thinking leads to outcomes)

Increase the mind's resilience, creativity and clarity

Removal of mental or emotional blocks hindering inner happiness and professional success