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New Reiki Raja Yoga Manual - Level I

New Reiki Raja Yoga Manual - Level I

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Regular practice and being in tune with the Guru are necessary for an initiate’s progress and spiritual journey.

Divine Heart Center is excited and happy to share that we are revising the Reiki Raja Yoga Manuals. We have finished revising the level 1 Reiki Raja Yoga manual. The new manual has:

  • Well organized information
  • Illustrations
  • Revised techniques
  • Improved instructions
  • Sample affirmations
  • Glossary

With this effort, we endeavor to help the initiates better understand the techniques and be able to practice them. The new manual is available in two formats, digital and printed.

By ordering the manual you are re-affirming your commitment to the Reiki Raja Yoga path, its practices, and DHC Gurus. Initiates are expected to attend a minimum of 50% DHC events (you can choose between online, in-person, and retreats).

Please note: The manual is energized, sacred, and carries Divine and Gurus’ blessings. It is meant only for the initiate to whom it was originally issued. It is the initiate’s responsibility to respect, love, and protect the manual. If you want to receive the new level 1 Reiki Raja Yoga manual, we request you to consider returning the old level 1 DHC manual, so that these can be retired respectfully.

Please return the old paper manual to:

Shailesh Kumar
88 Plympton Rd
Sudbury, MA 01776