"Devotedly with a pure heart,
 who so ever comes to Rishikesh, 
the Brahmteertha, (the supreme pilgrimage)
 and stays one night, becomes absorbed in God."

Come along with Reiki Raja Yoga Grandmaster Shailesh on a meditative yet active spiritual retreat into the foothills of the Himalayas. Absorb the real, uplifting, sometimes shocking and humbling spirituality of the Himalayan foothills. The landscape is bedecked with ancient temples which have witnessed the Rishis in their deep prayers. The foothills have been the home of the Yogis who have meditated in the glory of the Himalayas since time immemorial. The Spiritual Trek will have elements of meditation, Yoga, healthy food, and relaxing times. We plan to bring along a small group to simplify the logistics and give attention to all our fellow travelers.

We are planning for a comfortable stay for our urban Yogis in accommodation suitable for the Western traveler.

Sept 26 - Arrive in Delhi (1 night)

Sept 27 through Oct 2 -Stay in Rishikesh, Joshimath and Haridwar (6 Nights)

Oct 3 - Return to Delhi (1 night)

Oct 4- Fly out of Delhi or stay on your own if you wish to extend your vacation. We will put you in touch with a reliable travel agent.

In Rishikesh, the Yoga capital of the world,  we will meditate, do Yoga, watch the Ganges aarti, visit temples and Ashrams. On our way to the beautiful Joshimath, we will visit more Holy places and confluence of the rivers such as Devprayag. In Haridwar, we will experience the city which is the gateway ("dwar")  to the land of God ("Hari"). There should be an opportunity to visit and shop in Delhi should you so desire.

The retreat is planned for busy and active Yogis who like meditate as well as like to explore!

Please join us.

Price includes instruction with Shailesh and other masters, lodging, meals and local tranportation.

We will need the full payment by the March 31 so that our agent can make the final bookings.

Non-Indian citizens will typically need a visa to travel to India.

If you would like to join us please make a non-refundable deposit of $250 by March 14.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to us at services@divineheartcenter.com should you have any questions.

 Attendees from India

This retreat is open to seekers from India. Seekers from India also have the option of attending the retreat for 3 days in Rishikesh. Please email services@divineheartcenter.com for details.