Shyly, the scarlet sky, 

said to the copper Sun.. 

"Show me the saffron face of the day!" 

Yearned the emerald mountains, 

as did the sapphire ocean.. 

"Fill us with your loving rays" 

The azure peacock crooned aloud, 

to the passing silver clouds.. 

"Shower your ivory moisture, 

quench the parched grounds!" 

The crimson rose whispered 

(Oh! the lavender Lily too!), 

in the ears of the naughty bees.. 

"Taste the nectar of our hue. 

The craving of each is fulfilled.. 

Oh lord! Why is mine ignored? 

Set aflame, my ebony life, 

with effulgence that clears my soul 

With the radiance of your grace 

Make me whole.. 

- Parul