Met with Cullen Jones and Alana Nichols at an event today. They shared their inspiring stories. 

Cullen almost drowned at an amusement park while he was a kid. The next day his mother enrolled him in swimming lessons. African Americans die of drowning more than people of any other race. This is alarming. Cullen's mother taught him that he had "10 minutes to pout" whenever things didn't go in his favor and then start working again to achieve his goals. He continues to follow this advise today. 

Alana broke her back at the age of 17 but went on to become a paralympic Gold medalist. What was interesting to me was that she mentioned she had Reiki done to her when she was in the hospital. She now wants to bring paralympic games to the forefront and get these games the attention they deserve. 

 The human spirit can surpass all barriers.