Divine Heart Center teaches the world’s most powerful integrated Reiki Raja Yoga practice.

 This comprehensive system combines the paths of self effort and surrender to:-

 1) Open you to the higher powers of Divine Grace and Divine Will 

2) Heal your personal energy, the energy required for your personal well being 

3) Heal your social energy, the energy of “others” who you interact with on a daily basis 

4) Heal the spatial energy, energy of the space that you live or work in, known as “vāstu” 

5) Connect you to the Spiritual field, the fountain of all healing and the essence of self realization 

 6) Deliver “samadhi” and self-realization after sufficient practice 

7) Deliver the final liberation or “moksha” to a select few when the time is right. 

Progress depends on the initiate’s self effort, surrender, and the Grace of God and Guru. These techniques fit the busiest lifestyle. Sincerity is required. 

Divine Heart Center is “Creating Happiness within One’s World and Worldwide through Self Healing and Self Realization”