As we have all studied in school or colleges the law of conservation of energy - “Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be transformed from one state to another”. This is a very powerful law from spiritual perspective. If Energy cannot be created or destroyed, that means Energy always existed, but then in what form? The law further explains that this energy stays in a state called “Potential Energy”. 

A lot of religious scriptures preach that Divine is everywhere and was there before creation and creation was created from Divine itself, then this should be same as “Potential Energy” as that always exist/existed. Then, Divine = Absolute = GOD = Potential Energy. 

All religious and spiritual communities agree that we (humans) are one of the many manifestations of GOD. In scientific terms, we are one of the many transformed potential energy forms. In other words we are energy beings. 

As energy beings everything we do or perform (Karma) is nothing but converting/transforming our energy. For example, we convert our mental/ physical energy to create material energy (money) when applied at a Job/Business. 

When energy expense exceeds energy income, unbalance occurs. Most of the energy beings in the world are in this unbalanced energy state. Some of the results of energy unbalance - Health issues, Job/Business issues, Relationship issues, etc. If there is energy balance all these issues do not exist. 

Another scientific fact – “Energy flows from higher level to lower level”. Or in other words energy flows from higher energy being to lower energy being. If you notice, we get attracted to some people and attract some people. Sometimes you would sit with someone and feel exhausted and sometimes you would sit with someone and feel rejuvenated. This is all due to energy flow and our energy patterns. 

There is always energy flow happening between you and the people around you. Either you are drawing energy from them or they are drawing energy from you. 

This energy flow between energy beings is called energy exchange.    

 - Rajat