It is a common expression, “Picture is worth thousand Words”. In similar lines I would say “Experience is worth million expressions/words”.

Many times one has read books or listened to different spiritual experiences shared by someone else; an after product of it is that they often go through an imaginary experiences rather than having their own. (A Master/Guru can differentiate between real meditative experiences versus imaginary thought/mind created experiences, as he/she has already walked the path). These imaginary experiences can mislead and even hamper their progress. Instead if they had the self- realized experiences they would have a better understanding of the spiritual aspects and the depths.

In my life I have gone through the similar situation where I assumed certain perceptions rather than having my own. But, under the guidance of my Guru, he always showed me the right path and direction and corrected me to have my own self-experiences through my spiritual practices.

With a Guru’s blessings and guidance, one is able to cultivate these spiritual experiences within a very short duration as compared to reading books or gaining spiritual theories. Real spiritual knowledge can be gained through the learning from one’s spiritual practices and experiences. One who is passionate and dedicated about their daily spiritual practices and constantly in touch with their Guru, can definitely see the difference in their evolution in life.

I am always and we all should be thankful to Divine for sending us Guru to guide our path and make it more faster and smoother to reach Him.