Fall 2018 Reiki Raja Yoga Retreat

In Ashburn, Virginia

November 22-24


Dear initiates and seekers, Divine Heart Center is pleased to announce that we are having our Fall 2018 retreat on Thanksgiving day and through the weekend, from November 22 to 24th. This will be a full 3 days of achieving deep states of meditation for inner peace, burning Karma and self-realization. Other highlights of the event include:

  • Healing past, present and future Karma
  • Learn to self heal & self realize using Reiki, Meditation, Kriya,

Kundalini, and Laya Yoga for happiness and spiritual progress

  • Can be practiced by anyone, at anytime and anyplace
  • Be certified

We hope that you are able to make time for this retreat. Please email us with any questions at services@divineheartcenter.com.