Fear, a universal emotion, serves as both a guardian and an Imprisoner. It whispers warnings from our past, reminding us of missteps and protecting us from repeating them. However, If you let it grow, it'll turn into a river of negativity, flooding everything with darkness.

Imagine you reaching towards a burning candle and putting your finger in the fire. The searing pain upon contact triggers a surge of fear, an instant alarm urging you to retreat. This primal fear acts as a shield, safeguarding you from harm. If you're still really scared of fire even when there's no actual danger, it can turn into a big problem. It can be like your brain freezes up whenever you see fire, and you can't even think about it.

Fear, in its unchecked form, can give rise to undesirable emotions. Emotions such as Anger come when someone has a fear that they're losing control. When someone seems arrogant, it might be because they're fearful of feeling like a loser. The attachment grip is tight when we have a fear of separation. Fear of missing out can make us feel envious and greedy. Restlessness and sadness sprout from the fear of uncertainty and loss.

At the heart of this tangled web lies the ego, fueled by fear itself. In a quiet voice, it brags about being in charge, always wanting everyone to notice it and be the strongest. If you build your life on fear, it's like building on sand. The first big wave washes it all away. The question to be asked is, can you control anything at all?

There's a bigger force at work behind everything that happens, like a grand play with our special roles to fill. Even though we act and make choices, there are universal rules guiding things along. If we mess up our lines, life has a way of setting things right again. That correction sometimes seems painful though is necessary. We can avoid this in the first place by following the path of Dharam– our righteous path. Which in itself can be another topic of discussion.

So should you be feeling scared of things like losing your job, money troubles, or shaky relationships? Can we rise above these worries by taking steps to be better versions of ourselves? Meditation is one of the tools that can help. Meditation can help to build trust in the Divine/God/Param Brham and its laws. When this trust grows fear loses its power. This can restore calmness and happiness in your life.

Remember, fear is not an enemy but a teacher, so learn and move on. Do not get imprisoned.