Its taken me weeks to write this… I don't know why. I see His/Her miracles everyday and have seen them for as long as I can remember. If there ever has been unconditional love that I have gotten in my life, its from Divine. Yes, my family loves me and I love them fiercely, but there are always some conditions that ultimately end up applying. In my heart I know that there is only one thing I can take for 100% granted and unconditional… it is the Divinity I feel around me, the freedom, the knowledge of being able to let go of all worries, the strength and comfort of my practice, the constant blessing I feel with being in the attitude of gratitude, unconsciously. its liberating, I promise. I know with 100% certainty in my heart that I will always be healed, whole and complete because I believe. this to me is nothing less than magic… I could tell you millions of things that make me believe. Like the time, I know I more than likely threw away the printer wire post our international move, during the height of unpacking. Then my husband really needed the wire to print an important document and I prayed hard to be able to find “some” wire that may fit. the first place i looked, guess what I found… the printer wire. Some folks may say, pure luck or maybe you were smart and didn't actually throw it away… but you know what I see… I see and know Divine smiling and putting His/Her hand on my head and telling me, “I know you dont need anymore stress than you already have…”


or maybe the time when i was genuinely worried about finding suitable clothes for Zoya because, hello, growth spurt and ugh Covid, on the island, she literally wore the same 2 sets of clothes every single day. Out of the blue, a friend, also a twin mom, sends me a message to ask me if I wanted to buy some of the clothes she is putting on sale (her older than mine twin girls had hardly worn and so outgrown all of them). I was able to get a bunch of new dresses for the girls without having to go out during the pandemic or having to spend an arm and a leg for “home hang out clothes”. I choose again, to look at this instance, as Divine’s looking out for me and taking care of me. I have so many more of such incidents to share… being safe during crazy post partum driving to pick up kids from school, being safe during a pandemic, surviving 2 very high risk, complicated pregnancies and giving birth to perfectly healthy kids (discounting all the sass of course).


Its all here I say, every single blessing or dua people/our elders give us, we just have to believe and surrender to the Divine will. and you what… Divine Will is always Done.