One of my friends was showing concerns that he still haven’t found a Guru. I simply smiled when he asked if I knew anyone who is a great Guru.

The word ‘Guru” is commonly used now a day to address any context, viz. Java Guru/Love Guru etc. The Sanskrit origin word ‘Guru” can be broken into two words: "gu" which means darkness and "ru" which is actually I and means soul. So Guru is the person who removes darkness from soul and shows the right path.

People have misconception that if you accept anybody as Guru, then they get bound to him and have to obey him for every aspect of their life. In real sense, the disciple needs to surrender his ego at the feet of his guru and remain steadfast in his faith, goal and commitment. By surrendering unquestioningly and with trust one attains progress not only in the regular life but also in the spiritual journey. He is the one liberates the disciples from delusion (Maya). He is a great listener and is the beacon in the disciple’s spiritual path. It is not possible for everyone to be physically with the guru all the time to take regular instructions from him and keep getting doubts cleared. An earnest disciple who lives away from a Guru, depending on his steadfastness and sincerity in his spiritual efforts, gets his guidance and course-correction right from his inner heart/sub-conscience. I am definitely lucky to have all this guidance from my Gurus Shailesh and Parul.

My gurus’ responsibility towards me started after my initiation. He absorbs/shares my accumulated karmas (good and bad effects of one’s actions in the past) and makes my path much easier to tread, by removing the obstacles coming out of past deeds. A fine divine channel connects me with my Gurus. In one of his quotes Shailesh has said "I eat my initiates' Karma for breakfast.” which is so true.

Many occasions when I found myself trapped in bad situations, I receive a call from Shailesh asking me if everything is fine with me and my family. There are instances where situations were worse and directions were dark, I always counted on him for guidance and help and he had brought in light to our lives. Situations had turned in my favor, which was miraculous. My Guru have never forsaken me even if I had slackened in my spiritual efforts and got distracted from his ideal. His watchful eyes are always on me to goad him me to his track at the appropriate time.

My wife once shared with me that “If your show interest towards Divine He provides you with books to read, when the interest get stronger He sends a teacher and when the interest turns into desire for Divine, then He send you a Guru”. I have been blessed by Divine and have found myself spiritually awakened by my Gurus.

Even though I am not well versed in Sanskrit, I still remember this verse from my childhood days:

!!! Guru Brahmaa Guru Vishnu, Guru Devo Maheswara
Guru Saaksaat Param Brahma, Tasmai Shri Guru dev Namaha!!!

Meaning: Guru is the creator Brahma, Guru is the preserver Vishnu, Guru is the destroyer Shiva, and Guru is the holy Absolute. I without ego offer myself to you my guru.

-Gaurav & Sunita

Written By: Gaurav Chikara