Dear Initiates, Seekers and Friends, 

Divine Heart Center wishes you a very Happy Janmashtami. 

 God took birth as Shri Krishna to express His own Grace. 

 God in His abstract, infinite and absolute form is inconceivable by the human mind. To help our limited human minds understand God, the personality of God as Shri Krishna took birth on this day of Janmashtami, thousands of years back in Mathura, India. 

 Amongst the hundreds of Divine qualities that can be inferred from reading about Shri Krishna through the many scriptures, including the “Bhagvad Gita” – the quality of unconditional love and the message of surrender to God stand out. 

 Developing the quality of unconditional yet intelligent love and surrender to God is, therefore, key to spiritual progress. 

 This Janmashtami thank God for being born as Krishna, so we could learn about Him through His many stories.Imagine how dry and colorless our lives and our culture would have been without Janamasthami, without the playful yet instructive tales of Radha and Krishna, without the joyous “Raas-Leela” and without the timeless sermons of the “Bhagvad Gita”. 

 Shri Krishna’s birth is direct Divine Grace indeed.