Dear Initiates, Seekers, and Friends, 

On behalf of the Divine Heart Center, we would like to wish you a very Happy New Year 2012. 

2012 will mark the inner transition of our World into a new spiritual era. 

We have evolved from the “survival of the fittest” to the “survival of the wisest” age and now, in 2012, we will start transitioning into the “survival of the most spiritual” age. The rational mind will start becoming an obsolete faculty. There will be such an overload of information and experiences all around us that it will be hard for the average rational mind to comprehend it all. Our intuitive faculty will have to develop. The new race of human beings that will start emerging from the finest amongst us will have a heightened sense of intuition and will be inclined towards spirituality. I call this race the universal race of the “Brahmarthis” – those whose purpose and interest is in the Absolute. 

In 2012, find a place for spirituality in your life and find a spiritual master. Unlike rational thought, the intuitive facility cannot be developed through the academic curriculum currently taught in most schools. Under the guidance of a master, introspect and perform practices that make you aware of your spirit beyond mind. This awareness will develop your intuitive awareness. 

On the note of spirituality, I do like to share another personal opinion of mine for what it’s worth. I see that people even with modest financial incomes are driven to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on upgrading their modes of entertainment like televisions, DVD players and what not. However, the same people find it hard to spare a few dollars when (or if) they visit their temple, church, synagogue, or mosque. Even fewer people think of investing in any kind of systematic spiritual education. Consequently, most people I meet have experienced numerous meteoric pleasures in their lives but inside they have a growing and gnawing feeling of emptiness and lack of direction. "Where am I headed personally?", is a question that even the most educated and experienced executives find hard to answer. The answer I usually get is, "I have too much going on". Some have made a compromise with the misconceived notion that life is about running like a mouse on a wheel and, if they can make some extra money in the rat race, they would have achieved their purpose in life! Nothing could be farther from truth. A human being is, single-handedly, capable of making great celestial, astral and spiritual accomplishments only if he or she could find some time daily on a disciplined pursuit of the Self. 

In 2012, we hope you can find a reason within yourself to know more about spirituality and find motivation for introspection into the nature of your true Self. Do not be shy in investing a portion of your earnings in your spiritual development and for social charity. The money you spent will multiply by the factor of Grace and come back to you if that’s what you need. Fear of external calamities, economic or otherwise, should not drive us to introspect. Spiritual introspection is our inherent need and spiritually driven innovative action is the immediate need of our World. 

Anything precious to us that we give up willingly is never lost. It comes back to us in larger proportions. So friends, in 2012, work hard to buy that new high definition television but also endeavor equally to develop spiritual vision, or “dhrishti”, to see the true nature of things. Go ahead and check out the latest brand name fashions but also keep the gossamer of your spirit up to date. Yes, spend time worrying about what organic stuff you eat but also practice Reiki Raja Yoga to ingest love and light directly. 

This is our wish for you. 

A very Happy New Year to you once again! 

Shailesh & Parul