Dear initiates, seekers and friends,

Divine Hear Center wishes all of you a happy and a prosperous New Year.

A new light is beginning to dawn this year. Make this year a year of spiritual integration. Allow yourself to relax and find work life balance. Do this by finding ways to be more productive and less distracted at work and at home. Decide what's important for you and direct your energies to things that are important.

A human being's ultimate purpose on this plane and planet is to find God. Finding God is, therefore, very important. If God is found, all past sins are forgiven, and past Karma is shown an efficient way to work itself out. Life becomes full of hope, energy, joy and surrender. In the New Year, find more efficient ways to find God - ways more efficient than theoretical sermons.

Initiates must work on their practice to take it to the next level of expanded consciousness and pure energy.

This year create so much light that no corner of your heart remains in darkness. First light up your heart and then spread this light in the world.

Divine Heart Center is here to help you progress through the seven stages of spiritual realization with more than 51 meditation techniques laid out in a planned curriculum, including more than 7 intense "pranayamas" and more than 20 powerful Reiki techniques. This practice is suitable for seekers who can dedicate five minutes a day as well as for advanced yogis who want to practice for many hours at a stretch. Many techniques are directly revealed by Divine to the Gurus of the Divine Heart Center. Each stage expands the initiate's consciousness further and increases the initiate's spiritual energy to guide him or her to be one with the Holy Absolute - the ultimate purpose of life.

Aum. Prem. Brham.
Shivohum, shivohum, shivohum.
God's Word. God's Love. God the absolute truth.
I am pure consciousness, I am alive, I am life.

May the Holy Absolute grant you eternal happiness,
Shailesh, Parul & Meera.