Dear Initiates, Seekers, and Friends, 

On behalf of the Divine Heart Center, I wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope all of you find time to connect with those whom you consider family and, also, find time to connect with your inner family, the inner energy system, and the inner world within you. When you are well connected in your inner being, the projection of that stability will manifest in your external life. When that happens, everybody who is around you in this world will benefit from the stability, balance, peace, and harmony that you will project. 

Thanksgiving is relatively a new tradition when I compare it to the festivals of Sanatan Dharma. However, Thanksgiving has become very important in our modern history. In the modern world, this observance has assumed significant importance for many cultures as a day of rest, reflection, and catching up. I hope that you can find time for reflection and catching up with yourself as well as with the outside world. 

I am thankful for all of you. All the genuine sincere initiates who have come into my life have become true friends. A person can make a lot of money, open big businesses, and create magnificent edifices. However, what gives meaning to life is true relationships that are based on spiritual goals, on uplifting each other, and on mutual trust and harmony. Such relationships don't necessarily involve the exchange of material gifts or even meeting every day. Such relationships are of eternal connection - connection of the soul, connection of the mind, and connection of the heart. 

I wish that all of you are blessed with true friendships, true relationships where you feel fulfilled and connected both with the world that is outside of you and the world that is within you. 

Aum Prem