3 years ago, I was going through a difficult time at work. I was putting in my best, doing my practices and still the karmic needle decided to not budge even an inch (in my opinion). There was something I wanted bad, and it just wasn't happening despite my best efforts.


One Sunday evening, being super cluttered in my mind, and a little perplexed (on why things weren't moving), I took my son to the park. He was carrying his water bottle. He was 3. After a little run, up and down the park, he wanted water and started to open the bottle. I told him - 'let me open it, else water will spill all over your clothes’. Being the 3year old that he was, he started to cry and started snatching the bottle from me. I resisted for quite some time but when he started to howl and make a scene, I reluctantly gave it to him. Just as expected, he opened the bottle and spilled water all over himself - and started to howl even louder now. And that’s when it endowed on me! Wasn’t I doing the exact same thing with my divine father? Wasn’t I asking him for things ahead of time and feeling bad for not getting them when I’m not ready! I went home, fixed my son’s clothes and thanked divine for keeping me safe from spilling the proverbial water all over me :)


This morning, my son’s having a fever and is not taking medicine. He’s clinging to me and my wife, but he’s not ready to take the medicine. He somehow believes some magic will happen and he’ll be fixed because he’s asking the parents. We all have to do our karma. We all have to go through our (karmic-cleansing) fever days and we all have to get the ‘medicine' administered to us, to be ok. That's how the rules work. And the Heavenly Father also ensures the same applies to us. 


Next time, when my son goes ninja on me with his toy-demand or starts to say things like ‘you don’t buy me anything’ in-spite of having a room full of toys, I know how my divine father/mother would be feeling when I’m thankless and asking for things I’m not ready for (or don’t need) :)


Thank you son for reminding me to be a better son myself! Wish you and I both grow up soon :)