Imagine 12 years from now you keep collecting knowledge from the internet - Facebook, Instagram and TikTok - all interesting experiences each more thrilling than the other but, at the end of the day, self-realization doesn’t dawn on you? This means, for many, if not all, the purpose of mindfulness, yoga and mediation would not be met.

Realization doesn’t come by collecting experiences. Many realized souls in history were not very learned; they were certainly not erudite scholars. Realization comes by stilling the mind, secretly wanting God above anything else and making changes in your life to show that you mean it. Realization is that invisible string that connects the many hued beads of experiences in a mala 📿 (necklace) which when completes its loop, fulfills the purpose of your sojourn on this planet.

Meditation is the needle of pin pointed deep immaculate awareness that weaves through the beads of experiences and yet doesn’t stop at any one of them. 

You don’t have much time. Work on yourself now.

- Shailesh