Engineering to some extent is practical application of physics, chemistry & math that you learn in high school. The same concept is true for Spirituality, it is the practical application of what you read in religious books, but this does not mean that you need to be religious to be spiritual.

You can be spiritual and not be religious. I believe spirituality bring together all the schools of thoughts that religions teach or do not teach. If you are a spiritual person you are focused on “Absolute” and perform actions to get closer to this state/being. All religions call this “Absolute” by different names, all non religious people call it names like – singularity, nothingness, Not GOD, etc.

In religious books or other self help books we learn the theory on how to lead a happy life if we follow certain rules and rituals. In spirituality we perform / execute some techniques to attain the same thing - “Permanent Happiness”. Now these techniques you will not find in religious and self help books or science books, but will notice some essence of them or some discussion on them in these books.

“Permanent Happiness” the state is same as “Absolute”. As you progress through spiritual levels by practising spiritual techniques to attain this state, all things in your life that are causing unhappiness will start getting resolved.

So what are these spiritual techniques ? Some of these you must have heard of – Meditation, Pranayam, Reiki, Rajya Yoga, Kriya Yoga, Satsang, etc.

My purpose of this article/ series of articles will be to introduce to some of these techniques that I have used and how they have helped me with my work, relationship and health. Before I cover this techniques, I wanted to cover the topic of Energy Exchange.

Energy Exchange:

From spiritual schools stand point the belief is that we are energy beings. That means we convert our potential energy to other form of energies like – love, money, etc. How you do that by absorbing & transmitting this energy through certain energy centers in your body called “Chakras”. There are 7 chakra in your body that handles certain aspect of your life. If you energize/heal these chakras , that aspect of your life gets resolved. What lot of people do not know that out side of these chakras there are also a set of another 26 secret points on your body that can be healed/ energized as well. In totality there are 33 points, from which you emit energy and absorb energy.

Now there are 3 ways you can absorb/get energy – 1 . from the Universe ; 2 – from others around you; and 3 – tap your kundalini energy. You emit/spend this energy towards Universe and others around you. This emitting/spending and absorbing/generating of energy is called “Energy Exchange