In martial arts, first lesson is self defense. I always wondered why? Now, being part of DHC, I think that is the correct approach. First you need to learn the self defense or what we call the foundation techniques. In our spiritual school we teach the same way. Potency of techniques: If you are at level zero we give you some basic techniques that can get you thru your day smoothly if practiced daily for 2 hrs. At level 1 you get more potent techniques and you can receive same result with 1 hr of practice. At level 2 the techniques are more refined and for 1 hr of practice you will have the effect lasting for 2 days. The point is that, as you get initiated to higher levels you will evolve and potency of the technique will also increase. Most of our techniques can be categorized in 3 parts - 1. Dissolve Karma 2. Burn Karma 3. Preserve the resultant Energy State because of 1 & 2 In this chapter I will cover the techniques that preserves / protects your energy state from others and any further deterioration. So if you have learned karate/ martial arts, this is your self defense technique. Before I talk about the technique let's talk about the benefits. Benefits: Do you wonder some days you are more tired than others though you did not perform any strenuous activity. Think about those days. You must have visited some place or met someone who you do not meet that frequently. Why does that matter, because one of the law of physics say - energy flows from higher plane to lower plane. This is a universal law and applies to everything around us. If you remember from previous chapter - we are energy beings - our soul/seat of soul=kundalini is our potential energy /power center and chakras in your body are converting this energy in to kinetic energies that you use to live your life daily. When you visit a place that has low energy field or a person who has a low energy field than you - Energy gets drawn from you and this changes the energy/emotional balance in your body. If you do not want to give that energy to them, you will be in a "state of anger" which happens when someone tries to take something from you without your will. Or if you are willingly sharing your energy with them, you will feel tired out of energy or feel lack of love. Your body "Chakras" need certain level of energy to sustain your normal or stable state, when more is taken from you than what you can generate/convert, this happens. This could also lead to illness and later to chronic diseases. Some of the common examples are - 1. Couples having relationship issues when they move into a new house. 2. Your boss is nice to you but not so nice to someone else who is more hard working than you or vice -versa. 3. You are more smarter than some of your friends, but they are making more money than you or living a better life than you according to you. I will not go in to details of why these situations happen and how they can be resolved, but one thing is for sure, If you can protect or preserve your energy, your state will change for the better and you will see positive results in world around you. Protection Shield: So now the technique. The technique DHC (Divine Heart Center) teaches is called Protection Shield. This technique protects your energy state and allows love and positive energy to pass thru it. It stops all energy withdrawal and stops all negativity that could impact your Physical and Aura body from all things in this creation. This technique is so potent that if you know someone is negative towards you, you can build this shield around them and only love and positive energies will come out of them. You can protect your loved ones and no harm will come to them, you can protect your car and accidents could be avoided or will be fender bender instead of fatal.You can protect your homes and there will always be harmony and love in it. The shield can be build on daily basis, weekly basis, monthly basis, quarterly basis based on what level of initiation you are at. It is recommended that you make protection shield on daily basis for 15 days and this way from the 15th day on wards you will have 15 layers of protection. Just imagine now you can preserve your energy state from not getting impacted by negativity. This will evolve your energy state to next level and lead to increase in the level of happiness and joy in your life. That is what is the goal of DHC to get you to a state of Permanent Happiness.