Our initiates are dedicated souls. Instead of writing eulogies on their spiritual progress, they would rather focus on their spiritual practice and heal others silently by their presence in this world. But for the benefit of all beings, sometimes one has to express the inner experiences. So, we want to hear from you about your experiences during the initiation, after attending a DHC seminar , after practicing the techniques. What changes have you seen in yourself and in your life? What have your meditation experiences been? Let others benefit from your experiences!
Divine experiences recorded right after the meditation in the ancient cave of Padmasambhava and Shiva during the 2015 tour in the Himalayas. Submitted by admin on 14 July, 2012 02:56 am .

i think i was always a spiritual person but somewhat lost in rituals given that i was raised in a certain environment. i always knew there was a better (for me) way of getting close to Divine but somehow was never able to make the path towards this home.
but as fate would have it, i was introduced to my reiki gurus shailesh and parul through some very dear friendsat a very opportune time in my life when i was really struggling with my belief, almost always waiting "for the other shoe to drop". with reiki in my life and with the guidance of divine through shailesh and parul i was really able to get a better understanding of self, my mind, how i interacted with the universe and how at peace i was with myself (although this needs constant investment from me and is always a WIP).
by practicing my reiki learnings i find myself not stressing out about work, personal life....i find it easier to believe and live "Best will Happen". i know in my heart that i will NEVER be left alone by Divine come what may. so with that confidence in my heart i take on each day. -Sonya    

Submitted by admin on 14 July, 2012 02:56 am .

Thanks for the comment Sonya. Over the past many years we have also seen you evolve as a more confident, rested and vibrant person who has resolved many challenges in her life by Divine Grace and by praticing the techniques.

All the best!

Submitted by admin on 14 July, 2012 02:57 am .

It has been 9 years, since I got initiated in to Reiki & Raja yoga. In these 9 years I have experienced a complete paradigm shift in my life. Before I got initiated, it was a stressful time in my life. I was going through a tough time. During this time I met my Guru and got initiated into Reiki & Raja yoga offered by Divine Heart Center. I thank Divine every day for guiding me to my Guru. Having a Guru in life is so important. Guru is a mentor who can help you make right decision in your life, so that you can walk the path of permanent happiness.

After I got initiated, first thing I did was to get my Aura scanned. Aura scan helped me understand where energy blocks were present in my physical & aura body. I found out that this was directly related to issues I am facing in my life. Later, I found out that Aura scan is a good indicator of you spiritual progress. I usually get one done every year to assess what areas I need to focus my healing on.

After few months of regular practice I started noticing changes around me. It was interesting, the more I would heal myself, more the environment around me changed. All the techniques that I learnt at level 1 and 2 had practical applications that brought a peace and calmness within me.

After level 3 initiation, the life became smoother, I was on auto pilot. My Guru warned me to be careful, during this time. One can easily get lazy and not practice daily. It happened to me as well, I reached a plateau, though there was progress, but not at the pace I would have liked. I discussed this with my Guru. He recommended me to use Energy Yantras. The Energy Yantras filled the energy gap. I was back to my regular practice and now I am a level 5 initiate.

The 9 years journey on this path has been amazing and my environment kept getting better and better. Life kept becoming simpler and simpler. Today, I do not have any complexities. Each level comes with advance techniques that can help you to deal with different situations that someone would face in life. I would not say that there were no challenges. When they occurred, I was able to deal with them gracefully because to my Guru’s guidance and Divine grace with me all the time.

As I continue my journey, I feel an assurance/ subtle confidence that Divine is looking out for me.This faith did not develop overnight, but developed by observing subtle events and changes that took place in my life. Now, I am living and enjoying the present moment, than worrying about the future or regretting about the past.

The techniques that are taught at Divine Heart center can easily be integrated with ones life. I have a 3 year old and a 3 month old. My wife and I are both working professionals. We are busy professionals, but due to the simplicity of the techniques and their easy execution, I am still able to find time for practice as well perform my daily tasks towards family and work.

I thank Divine everyday, for putting me on this path. It is a perfect combination of attaining permanent happiness, while performing all your existing daily life chores in parallel.

I would like to end by saying these final words -

Divine Heart Center's mission is to bring permanent happiness in ones life and worldwide.

You can be the one, who can attain and bring permanent happiness for oneself and world around you.

Good Luck....

- rajatvaish

Submitted by admin on 14 July, 2012 02:58 am .

Thanks Rajat. A very well thought out summary of the past many years of progress. You have worked hard and I know you have left out many of your deeper direct experiences with the light for the sake of modesty. :-). Those are better discussed and enjoyed in person anyways!

All the best!

Submitted by admin on 14 July, 2012 02:59 am .

In short span of less than 2yrs of my initiation I have seen my self grow into a different person.I have observed lot
of behavioral changes in myself.
I'm realtime aware of sudden burst of emotions in me which helps me control it. Some of the house chores which I
would do with dislike , now I can feel that dislike feeling is gone.
Total perspective to look at the things have changed, sense actions do not have the kind of effect on my decision
making any more. New perspective is developing in which I'm more spiritual vigilant (but still long way to go) of my actions and choices. I can listen to my soul more clearly than before although lot more practice is needed to let sense temptations go. This helps me to commune better with my true self.

I'm not as fearful for unknown reasons as I used to be before. There is subtle happiness which I'm surrounded by
(its not there always but when it is there I'm thankful to Divine ).

There have been small and frequent incidents where things are not going my way due to no fault of mine and then I
think about it and then it start turning my way. This has happened so frequently that it can not be by chance. I can say that power of thought has increased recently. I think this is nothing but miracle and when it happens , it leaves a smile on my face.I have read this in God Talks to Arjuna, that miracles happen every day around us, since we are trained , conditioned to
see the world through sense antennas that we cannot see Divine's subtle way of helping his children in secret way.

Other thing which I have felt is that if there is some bad news it does not stress me as before. I just take it as part of my healing. At the same time having faith that whatever will happen will be in my best interest as divine and my guide(s) are watching over me.

I have observed that I would develop dislike feeling towards someone for some small issue. Some days I will not even interact with them but still I'll have that feeling. I was aware of it too but was helpless to get rid of that feeling. Suddenly I realized that I'm free of many of such feelings towards them. There are other bad habits which I lost without any effort of mine. The timeline of loosing those bad habits coincides with when I decided to get initiated.

 Reiki an Raj Yoga techniques taught at DHC have come a lot handy to make material and spiritual progress(although I'm not qualified to gauge spiritual gains but some incidents which I mentioned above make me believe it).Long Journey has just started
and I have guide(DHC Guru) on my side who is navigating me to reach my destination(Divine Goal) in a vehicle
(DHC techniques) which I need to drive(practice) with patience and endurance and fuel it with faith. I do not expect to see the destination right away but I have faith in my guide who will keep me on track as he has already completed this journey and aware of all pitfalls from which he will save me.

I have not written above testimonials to measure my spiritual growth because that will be wrong as we(sadhaks) should action on increasing the depth of our practice, I just wanted to express my gratitude towards my Gurus who guided me through this journey of mine towards Divine goal which has just started. With their continued guidance I shall surely complete it at best possible time.

- gulshan

Submitted by admin on 14 July, 2012 02:59 am .

Thanks Gulshan. "we(sadhaks) should action on increasing the depth of our practice". This is true!
- Shailesh

Submitted by admin on 14 July, 2012 02:59 am .

I got initiated in 2003. Within months my life turned into turmoil. One after the other each event came as though I am repaying a huge debt. Perhaps it takes a lot to infuse faith into a ‘die-hard’ rational person like me. It was painful but slowly I understood many aspects of life. Subsequent initiations helped me progress and balance my life. Now when I look back, it all makes sense. Today I am content and happy.

Last year I had an urge to focus outward. I signed up as a volunteer to provide Reiki to terminally ill people in hospice. Each person responded to Reiki healing in an amazing way. This was despite suffering in pain due to cancer and dementia. All the patients I visited passed on (most of them in sleep) in one or two sessions. I am thankful to have gained this unique experience.

Through all these years the techniques helped me stay on course. The timely guidance from Shailesh was invaluable all along. Even as Divine Heart Center grows, Shailesh always has time for his initiates. The techniques taught are easy to incorporate into the rigors and demands of the modern lifestyle. Natural progress is encouraged.

I encourage anyone seeking to expand his or her awareness and grow spiritually to contact DHC. I strongly recommend meditating at the Center.


Submitted by admin on 14 July, 2012 03:00 am .

Thanks Rajesh. The ultimate Truth is to be "happy and content". Not many get there.
Through your practice, not only have you developed insight, you have also helped many terminally ill patients to pass on. Such is the power of Reiki and Raja Yoga, that deep rooted Karmic blocks of clinging and craving are severed to make way for liberation.


Submitted by admin on 14 July, 2012 03:00 am .

As I remember my childhood, I recall that I was always attracted to Lord Krishna. I even played as young Krishna when I was 4 years old. I was always fascinated to learn about Gods and hear stories about them. Though in real life I was a hyper kid and was very naughty.

I was introduced to Reiki by one of my friend, after which I got initiated into Reiki and saw a lot of changes in my life. I was initiated by Vijay Bansal ji in the year 1999 for level I .Shortly after when I was leaving for US for my masters’ degree, he suggested me to get initiated into level 2. When I went for my Level 2 initiation Vijay Bansal ji mentioned about Shailesh and Parul. He told me that in future for the quest within me he will be there to guide me. After reaching USA, I got in touch with Shailesh and Parul.

When I met them for the first time, I knew that they will be my Guru as I was able to feel the vibrations emanating from them which I feel every time when I meet them till date. Even I was engulfed with those positive vibration and radiance when I entered their house. I was initiated to Level 3, after which life was smooth. Since my basic needs i.e. health, wealth, relationship, happiness and joy issues were taken care of, I became irregular in my practices. I was regular in my practice when the need arose. Two year back I got married and after 6 months my wife got initiated for level 1 and 2. Life totally turned for both of us from there on. I became regular and have been doing my practice regularly since then. We both have seen so many changes in terms of relationships and energy levels as well people that surround us.

People often come and talk to me and say that I have changed a lot and look calm and content or my anger has really subsided or I have become more composed than you used to be. After regular practice and guidance from Shailesh, the level of self content, happiness, energy level and cheerfulness has increased a lot. I have been often blessed by great gurus in my meditations and felt the presence of there vibrations around me.

I do still face problems in my life but whenever I am surrounded by problems I feel a hand emerges and just uplifts me from that situation. There has been so many times where I felt nothing less than a miracle has happened. It often feels like the whole world works in harmony with you. The techniques taught by Shailesh and Parul are simple and can be easily done by people of all ages, anywhere and anytime. There are number of people who have seen changes in me and shown interest to learn more about Raja yoga and Reiki and have been initiated by Shailesh and Parul.

- gaurav

Submitted by admin on 14 July, 2012 03:01 am .

Thanks Gaurav

Submitted by admin on 14 July, 2012 03:01 am .

I am spiritual person and for last few years my desire to find a Guru had become stronger. I was fascinated by Art of Living, Brahmakumaris, and Ananda, but could never get a chance to attend their events. By Divine grace, I got introduced to Divine Heart Center, and me and my husband got initiated to level 1 of Reiki and Raja Yoga 6 months ago. During initiation I was filled with unconditional love and felt the divine bliss. I am a different person now, and my faith in divine has grown a lot. I feel the bliss occasionally. I have learnt to let go, take criticism calmly, and my acceptance towards other people and situations have increased.
I had aura scan done of my family members, and Parul suggested that my 15 years old daughter should also get initiated. I was anxious about how to convey her this, but amazingly she showed interest in initiation. We together as a family got initiated to level 2. Our love and respect for each other has grown and we have happiness and joy in our family as never before. It is amazing when people tell me that I have changed. Our meditation practice is not very regular but group meditation which advanced initiates, Gaurav and Sunita arrange, helps us to be on track.
Our Guru, Shailesh and Parul, are such a great blessing in our life, and they guide us in all our challenges in life. Our friends and relatives have also benefited from their guidance and blessings. I thank divine for sending our guru to us, and hope to be an instrument in Divine's hand to help others.


Submitted by admin on 14 July, 2012 03:01 am .

Thanks Vandana. -Shailesh

Submitted by admin on 14 July, 2012 03:02 am .

Burning up the seeds of past bad karma

I was not a spiritual person , but I trusted and had a fear of GOD. I was stressed for last few years.

One day my wife introduced me to her friend and we had a meditation session. Then we got introduced to Shailesh and Parul. Me, my wife and teenage daughter were initiated on Aug 10 at level 2. During my healing and mediation sessions I feel burning sensation on back (back heart chakra and Shoulder). And question always comes in my mind –


And I feel yes. I have shared and asked Shailesh many times, always got a answer that my deep past karma are healing and burning.

As par my wife I have changed a lot and she says “He has become so regular in his meditation practice. His faith in Divine has grown so much. He used to become so stressed about his projects but now he remains calm.”.

May be the above words from my wife show the answer of my question “YES”.

"Birth is a result of past karma. If karma (both good and bad) is erased there is no reason to take birth again. The disciple needs to live his life, distinguishing between the good and bad karma, which takes shape as a result of links with the past births. Confusion too is a result of past karmas and it does not make advancement in spiritual practices possible. The disciple needs to perform tapas and penances to end this circle of birth. He needs to cleanse all karma through prayers. The sidhas give assurance that the disciple’s karma shall be cleansed by prayers. The karma shall be burnt away by the very fire of meditation, say the sidhas. Seeds of past karma cannot germinate if they are roasted in the fires of divine wisdom,” says Paramahansa Yogananda.

After reading these lines, I realize that I have a guru who is giving direction to me and my family to feel the divine and path to erase our karma (both good and bad).

Thank you Divine, Thank you Reiki, Thank you Shailesh and Parul.


Submitted by admin on 14 July, 2012 03:02 am .

I completely agree with Ashish. What we are going thru in life is result of past karma. All the seeds of karma are imprinted in your spinal cord and there are only 2 ways you can clean them up very quickly.
1. Burn them by using kriya/pranayam technique
2. Dissolve it with love by using meditation and reiki

The best part is both of these techniques are taught at DHC. One can use both of them for speedy progress. I believe the techniques and the guidance provided at Dhc can get you karma free in fastest possible way.

Also, you do not have go to Himalayas/ take sanyas to seek Divine. All you have to do is integrate DHC techniques in your daily life and become a karm yogi.

Goodluck on your journey....


Submitted by admin on 14 July, 2012 03:02 am .

Spiritual Party

On 25th December 2010, while most were celebrating Christmas with their loved ones, enjoying feasts prepared laboriously and exchanging gifts with their near and dear ones. A different kind of a party was going on at Sunita/Gaurav's home. It was a spiritual party with music and food in abundance for the soul and with a promise of gift of eternal joy.

It would be a Christmas I would remember forever, as Shailesh and Parul graced the evening with their presence.

It was the first time my children accompanied me to a meditation seminar and words are insufficient to describe their experiences. While they go to a lot of parties at our friends' homes and enjoy good food and music, that evening they came back happier, calmer. They are eagerly looking forward to more such gatherings. Both Parul and Shailesh answered lovingly and tirelessly all the questions fired at them by the children present at the seminar.

The children of today's world have become so materialistic as is the case with most of the adults too that they are constantly yearning for more and more...leading to discontentment.

As a parent, I feel that early exposure to spirituality will help them grow as balanced human beings, more tolerant and loving toward others. They would understand the importance of both spiritual and nutritional diets.

All present felt blessed by Divine and are already looking forward to the next seminar.

- Indu Vohra

Submitted by admin on 14 July, 2012 03:03 am .

As you see the white light. You want to go beyond it.
As you go deeper and while traveling thru it you realize it is circulating light like a whirl pool.
As you get to the end of the whirl pool of white light, there is darkness.
As you look around you see a huge dark ocean. Calm and still.

A nice relaxing place... before you begin the next phase of the journey

Then I heard a voice (intuitively), what you want to know?
and I was thinking to myself, what were my questions? My mind totally went blank.

I heard an interesting chant during this journey.
........ as you are experiencing this, you also realize what else is happening in parallel in conscious realm-
There is a background of sound of aum
There is chanting
There is meditation
and they are all complementing each other without disturbing the state or the experience.

Interesting part is that this experience happened when I was bit under the weather (physically weak with temperature ranging between 101.5 - 102).

Thank you Divine. Thank you Shailesh & Parul.

- RV

Submitted by admin on 14 July, 2012 03:03 am .

Dear Rajat,

I am compelled to write a response to this experience.
The state that you experienced is called "Dharma Megha Samadhi". Only a rare few on this planet have ever seen a glimpse of this state.

"Dharma Megha Samadhi" is the highest form of "Nirbeej Samadhi". "Dharma Megha" literally means "the cloud of Dharma" but more appropriately it is the "cloud of forms".

This is the state where mind is disconnected from consciousnesses. This is no mind. The "megha" or the cloud (whirlpool) that you saw is the whirlpool of Maya. It is the cloud of OM. This is the cloud of condensed "sattva guna".

One who sees this is liberated. The last vestiges of his "samskara" are broken. He needs no books, no teachings , no philosophy to guide him. He accepts the world as it is and lives in it as it is. The maya which overwhelms the whole world has respectfully shown herself as the "cloud of forms" and withdrawn herself from you.

If you were you to go beyond and if you could bear the intensity of the path ahead, you will become Shiva Himself (the existence beyond being or non-"jiva"). You will become Zero and Infinity at the same time. That state is called Kaivalya (in its highest form).

Many years back when you had met me, you had asked me what Samadhi is. What you experienced is the highest state of Samadhi available to "jeeva" - the Dharma Megha Samadhi- before he himself becomes Shiva.

Even though Self-Realization has no end. This can be called Self Realization. The proof will be non-attachment and non-aversion to anything and everything. Further proof will be complete blankness of mind except when needed which leads to effortless alignment with Divine Will.

A fever is a small price to pay for it. :-)

See you on the other side. ;-)

All the best,

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Feedback from the 2012 Memorial Day Retreat

"It was an amazing experience!!! I had a lot of fun:)" - a busy teenager from VA preparing for college

"This is spiritual bliss!
I was not sure if wanted to come for this retreat. Divine guided me through my son .... It was one of the best decisions and a step for my spiritual journey.  I feel re-charged and re-energized. It feels like beginning and a new chapter of my life with divine grace bestowed on me. I am healed.
Thanks you Shailesh and Parul for this retreat. My words are not enough to express my gratitude. This has also helped  me connect with so many initiates. I feel a special bond with everybody.
Thank you Divine, Shailesh and Parul for guiding me on this path!"  - a program manager and mother of two from VA

"I had amazing healing and cleansing experiences. It was a nice way to spend the memorial day weekend. I feel joyous and relaxed. And am looking forward to continue my practice under the guidance of Shailesh and Parul. Thank you for this opportuinity." - an occupational therapist and a mother of two boys from NJ

"I was in dilemma whether to come here or not? Didn't know what to expect? All i can say it was worth coming here. I'm at so much peace and relaxed. I believe i am going to look at the world around me from a different perspective. I got my doubts cleared. everyone here was so warm and welcoming. Really enjoyed coming here. Can't wait for 2013 retreat! Thanks Shailesh and Parul for this amazing experience." - a working mother of two kids from NJ

"It was Divine blessing to be present at the Retreat.I was already feeling the energies days before coming here. Many experiences of peace, permeating joy and happiness remain" - an advanced level initiate and a working mother from VA

Shailesh, Parul and the Divine Heart Center core team thanks everyone who could make it to the retreat and wish them abundance in joy, health, wealth, wisdom, relationships and, above all, spiritual progress.

Submitted by admin on 14 July, 2012 03:11 am .

Feedback from another healee

"I was at a crucial intersection and imbalance in my life with my family and profession when I initiated into the practice of Reiki Raja Yoga under the close guidance of Shailesh. My year long journey powered by healing and balancing energies has begun. It has shown me clarity and confidence that I look to sustain with self to be an effective person as a husband, father and colleague."- 49 Year old father of 4 children and an Executive at the Harvard Medical Institutions
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