Celebrate Yourself.

Spirituality is about cultivating the spirit towards the path of self-realization. Soul has no gender. However, in each birth, the soul manifests a combination of two qualities of Divine - the masculine or fatherly and the feminine or motherly. Influenced by karmic consequences and experiences, one trait predominates the other. The innate male tendency is to hunt and provide whereas the female tendency is to nurture and care.

In this scheme of things, there is no in-equality! Just each soul working its karma and fulfilling its immediate purpose of life within the confines of the human body and the predispositions it gathered through cycles of birth. Unfortunately, biases, stereotypes and discriminations found their way into our present society.

#EmbraceEquity is the theme for 2023 International Women's Day. Individually, we are all responsible for our own thoughts and actions – all day, every day. Choose your challenge, celebrate yourself and collectively help create an inclusive world. I hope this message resonates with every human being beyond the gender binary!

The first step is to humbly accept, appreciate, and embrace yourself. In doing so, not carelessly thinking that I am who I am and that’s good enough. Each day be a better version of yesterday. Although the path is long and hard, filled with tasks that maybe repetitive and tiring, giving up is not an option. Just for today fulfill your duties without seeking accolades in return. The reward will be the satisfaction of knowing that you gave all of yourself and did the best you could. Tomorrow will take care of itself when it comes.

Through your practices you can develop and balance your feminine qualities of intuition, nurturing, and compassion while also cultivating the masculine qualities of strength, determination, and willpower. Your natural ability to nurture and guide others will bring more light and love into the world.

Weave your spiritual practices into everyday activities such that they become a continual lifestyle not limited by conscious behaviors. Strengthen your spiritual immune system!

Applaud, empower, and celebrate yourself and everyone around you!

All the best.